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The "Twin-Scout" twin-enginned "Stroker" Scout Bonneville "World Record Holder"

This bike took me 3 full years (and ALL my money) to build. There, that answers the 2 most asked questions!

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Here's the Twin-Scout at Bonneville in Street Trim.

Jim Hoogerhyde setting a new record with the Streamlining installed. He did a 164!

I use different bores, and strokes for running in the 1,350 classes (1,010cc per motor), as well as the 1,000 classes (750cc per motor).

Flat-Heads get a 33 1/3% displacement discount in size.

My 58" "Stroker" Scout

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My '33 "Super Chief", at the Borrego Springs, California Antique Motorcycle Club of America National Road Run, where it was awarded the "Peoples Choice" award. This is a very good meet that I try to make every year.

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My '47 Chief that I built in 1988 that got my whole antique bike interest started. I've stroked it to 80 inches, and installed Bonneville cams, and lifters (and of course, my CV carb kit!). It runs SO well, and everybody always has something good to say about it. Indians, always have, and will always bring a smile to peoples face.

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