1. Dry Weight = 490 Pounds.
  2. Custom "Scratch Built" bike using a Paughco '54-'57 style frame, that I heavily modified.
  3. Forks: Late Sportster by "Showa". Trimmed for European look, and using an "883L" lowering kit.
  4. Motor: S&S 93" High Performance version of their highest tech example of their Shovel Head motor, with heads that accept Pan Head valve covers.
  5. Motor Features: Dual Plugs, .600" Lift cams, Evo Lifter Blocks, S&S distributor that accepts modern digital ignitions, Forged 10.5:1 pistons, and rods.
  6. Motor Power: 100 Hp/100 Tq at the rear wheel at 7,000" elevation on my dyno.
  7. Ignition: Dyna 2000i "Programable" ignition, with (2) Dyna 3 Ohm "Mini-Coils". Full advance at 23 degrees BTDC.
  8. Primary: Late Pan Head cover, with BDL belt drive, and dry Kevlar clutch. Plus electric start by "Tech Cycle". Tight fit!
  9. Pipes: My design, using a D&D custom can muffler. Nice softened muscular sound. Also makes good power.
  10. Wheels: Morad shoulder-less alloy rims (copies of original Akronts), with stainless spokes. Rear hub is original style mechanical Pan Head. Front hub is a Grimecca (4) leading shoe Grand Prix racing brake. Custom "Cantileaver" mechanism for brake balance, like a Vincent.
  11. Tires: Rear is a Coker "Beck style" 5.00 X 16", and the front is a Continental 3.50 X 19".
  12. Controls: Bars are Trail-Tech ATV "Fat Bars", levers are ASV flexible alloy (both), throttle and grips are Barnett. KTM bar mount (modified). Custom made shift linkage, with modified Pan Head brake pedal.
  13. Charging System: Shovel Head rotor, and stator, and electronic regulator. Tractor Amp gauge, and tractor ignition switch (like a car).
  14. Seat: Vintage Indian Solo seat in black leather, using coil seat springs.
  15. Speedo: Electronic dial speedo, with speed calibrator in alloy Indian dash. Dash includes a tach, and amp gauge. Plus LED indicators, and switches.
  16. Carb and Manifold: Carb is a Keihin 44mm CV carb with the Yost "Power Tube" installed. A custom die cast air cleaner with a K&N filter inside.
  17. Transmission: Baker "6 into 4" six speed, with close ratio gears. Fits the older 4-speed frames.
  18. Fuel Tank: Indian "Traveller" 4 1/4 gallon tanks, with the oil tank in the right side tank.
  19. Fenders: Front is a universal fender for 19" custom applications. Rear is an Indian skirted fender crown widened by 1", and custom trimmed.
  20. Chain Guard: Custom made like a '30's Indian style, but for the left side. All sheet metal custom made by "Iron Horse Corral".
  21. Lights: Moto Lamp modified to accept a 7" H4 Halogen lamp, tail light is a repro "Sparto" lamp. All wiring is hidden.
  22. Paint: Silver and black with red and white pinstriping. Paint by Me (yes, I paint also).


Overall Impression: This is a fun bike to ride. It is so powerful, and light. It's every Hot Rodders fantasy. It pulls so strong, yet is very civilized. It has a Vintage appeal, yet is totally modern and reliable for long rides. The brakes are amazing. I do Indians, but I've always liked the look of a Pan Head motor, so I combined the best of each. When I ride it, all I see is another Indian Chief, but the motor reminds me that "This is no Indian motor". People seem to really like the bike, because it's not like anything they have seen before. It may be my "old age bike", because it's low, comfy, and has E-start. I built (2) of these bikes that are identical, except for the gas tank logos.