Collecter Cars from My Past and Present

1965 Buick Wildcat in 1970

Console Interior in White, 401c.i., HD suspension, Custom Paint

1923 "T Bucket" Rod!!

I built this car in 1972. It has a 426 Stage-3 Mopar, B&M Race Tranny, 4-48 IDA Weber Carbs, Halibrand Quick Change Rear, Knock-Offs, Full Race Guts, and ran the quarter mile in 9.20 @156 MPH!!

1974 Lotus Europa

I lowered this car, turbocharged, bored and stroked to 1704cc, Fully Restored and really Quick!!

1976 Jensen GT

Only 1 of 200 made, Lotus Motor, Weber Carbs, Euro Cams, very plush, and great on the hiway.

1976 Maserati Bora GT car

One of 500, Black Market model (No Smog!), 200 MPH Car, 4,900cc V8 with 4 cams and 4 Webers, full race brakes and suspension. Futuristic and fun!!

1976 Dodge Van "B200"

I ordered this Van at the Dealership from their Option Order Book, and I ordered everything available except the stereo which I added later (I installedd an elaborate component unit from 1977 that included both a cassette unit, an amp, and an old style 8-track!!) I ordered the 440 Motor, and Extra Heavy Duty Suspension (I added both front and rear "El Rancho" Anti Sway Bars, and Monroe "Magnum" Gas Shocks), Heavy Duty Brakes, and the Commercial Truck Option which made up a much beefier chassis. I then went through the Motor, Transmission, and Suspension, with no holds barred!! I balanced, and blueprinted the motor. I added many parts from the early 70's "6-Pack" Motors, including Forged Crankshaft, Forged Rods, big "6-Pack" Heads that were ported with larger valves installed including a 5-angle valve job, Big Pan, Hi-Flow Oil pump, 292 Degree "Hemi Grind" Cam, Crane Forged Rockers, Titanium Push Rods, Edelbrock "Hi-Rise", Holley 850 CFM "Double Pumper" Carb, with "Weber Jet Kit", Headman Headers, MSD Race Ignition, TRW 9.5:1 Forged Pistons, Full B&M Tranny, including 2200 RPM Hi-Stall Speed Torque Converter, Extra Upshifting Clutches, Higher Shift Point Mod, 14 Quart Deep Alloy Pan, and a Gear Vendors Overdrive Unit! Very Sexy!!!

According to "Hot Rod Magazine Projects" in the past (which are similar builds), this motor is making over 500 Horsepower, and makes nearly 600 ft-lbs of torque!!

Two weeks after I bought this van, I went on a trip to Mexico on the Gulf Coast. Late that night I encountered an XKE V12 that was "toying" with me, we banterred back and forth. I ended out in front, and at the next gas stop, the other guy said that he was topped out at 156 MPH when I went by for the last time. Later after I "hopped-up" the motor/tranny/suspension, I wound it up a bit and saw 165 MPH on the digital speedo, and I still had quite a bit of throttle left (this was in Colorado at 7,500 feet altitude)!! I now have 412,000 miles on this truck, and it runs like new. I completely rebuilt everything mechanical during the winter of 2001, so it should give me many, many more good miles in the future.

What a good truck!!

1976 Argossy (Airstream) 24' Motorhome

It has a 454 (Slightly warmed), very usable interior. I have had (and look forward to) many good times in this "Home away from Home".

1982 Maserati Quattro Porte (4 Door)

Ultra Plush, 160 MPH, 5 Litre V8 powered, same motor as the Bora, I Euro-Speced the motor adding back 65 Hp., 345 Hp. now!!

1986 Corvette

This car has Z-51 "Off Road" suspension, Both roofs (One Tinted), Bose High Power Stereo, Side Pipes, Optional 2-Tone color, Grey cloth interior, and Michelins.

1983 Jeep CJ-7

Six Cylinder (Slightly hopped up, header, holley, crane cam, big michelins), very clean, original, low milage, fun toy!!

My Yard Art!

(1923 Ford Model "T") Unrestored Original. It runs, and I drive it!

James R. Mosher