SPEC SHEET FOR: JIM MOSHER’S "Twin-Scout" Bonneville "World Land Speed Record Holder" (148.8 MPH in "1,350 A-VF" set September 12, 2012).

  1. Dry Weight = 500 Pounds.
  2. Made up entirely by owner from scratch. It took 3 years, and there is more to come, including a streamlined body.
  3. Frame: I built the frame in 8 days from .093" wall DOM seamless tubing. It weighs 40 pounds.
  4. Forks: The forks are from a 2006-2007 Honda CBR600RR, using a Scotts steering damper. It has a 38 degree rake.
  5. Fenders: The front fender is a lowered aftermarket carbon-fiber unit, while the rear uses a flat "salt guard".
  6. Tanks: I made models for the tank, seat, and tail section, and Matt Blake of "Iron Horse Corral" made the final parts. The tank holds 5 gallons fuel, and also has (2) seperate oil tanks, which hold 3 quarts each.
  7. Paint: Paint, and body by owner! Color is Forest Green, and Gold metalic. The graphics were done by the famous "Alton Gillespie".
  8. Lights: Front is a 5 1/4" "Chicago Lamp with the "Indian" tag from the Gilroy Scout (donated by Garl Smalz-RIP). The rear lights are high intensity LEDs hidden in the frame tubes at the rear of the frame. These lights act as turn signals as well.
  9. Wheels: The wheels are Marchessini "Forged" superbike rims (strong, and light).
  10. Tires: The tires are Bridgestone "Superbike Spec" BT-003's. They are low drag, and super safe.
  11. Brakes: Front are Brembo "HP Super Light" superbike brakes, using metalic pads. Rear is a Ferrodo Stainless rotor, and Ducati 996 caliper, and master cylinder.
  12. Controls: The bar controls are all Honda, utilizying all the electrical components. The front brake lever is a Brembo "Radial-Race" unit. It has a Scotts steering damper.
  13. Charging System: Kuboto 14 amp tractor "dynamo", with regulator. The battery is a "Shorai" 36 amp unit.
  14. Seat: Matt Blake formed the seat pan from aluminum. It has impact crash foam, and is covered in "Carbon Fiber" patterned leather.
  15. Speedo: Trail-Tech digital speedo, and trip computer combo.
  16. Motor: Two 58ci, or 955cc "Stroker" Scout motors (1,900cc total). Cases are 741 500cc military.
  17. Flywheels: S&S forged from "Sportster" blanks, using factory sized Indian pins that were custom fit to these wheels by S&S.
  18. Rods: Carrillo Scout Rods. They are very strong, and light.
  19. Balancing: Done by "The Balance Shop" in Receda, California to a 62% balance factor. Dynamically balanced.
  20. Cylinders: NOS "Square Base" late military with extensive porting, larger intake nipples, 1.850" Intakes, 1.750" Exhausts. Exhaust seats are "Manganese-Bronze", while exhaust valve guides are "G2 Ductile Iron" of my own design, and intake valves are "Manganese-Bronze" (also of my design). Valve guide clearance is .003" for intakes, and .0045" for exhausts.
  21. Heads: Late "unmilled" originals that I welded-up, so I coild re-shape the combustion chambers for 7.1:1 compression.
  22. Cams and Lifters: My own designed Scout "Racing" lifters, and 4 different cam grinds of my design, and ground special for Bonneville by Andrews Cams. Lift is .422", and durations range from 250, 255, 260, and 265 degrees.
  23. Pistons: Venolia forged pistons, with special 1/2" tall domes. Standard (2.875") bore using .008" clearance. Pistons are coated with a graphite composite by "Serviscreen Inc".
  24. Rings: Total Seal "Chrome Barrel Face" top ring with .020" gap. Two piece "Gappless" second ring with .020" gap. Oil ring is 3-piece with 12 pounds drag dry.
  25. Valves: Titanium valves (60% normal weight), and Titanium retainers, and keepers. Keepers are stronger "Super 7" by Manley. Intakes are .100" larger. Lash caps are used on the valve stems.
  26. Carb and Manifold: Carbs are Keihin 41mm "FCR" flat slide racing carbs. Manifold adapter mounts the NOS (Notrous Oxide) foggers. Original manifolds are opened up larger than Chief Bonneville.
  27. Pipes: I made stepped pipes, with a 180 degree firing order by tying the (2) front cylinders together, and the (2) rear cylinders into seperate 2-into-1 systems. This makes more power, and makes the bike sound like a hot V-8.
  28. Magneto: Morris Magneto built (2) special hot mags for the bike, but for Bonneville use, I will be using (2) original distributors with pointless triggers, and very hot "Dyna-Tek" 3-ohm mini-coils.At Bonneville, the mags caused several problems dealing with RF interferance to my electronic "Black Box" data logger, and they want to come off the bike at hi RPM due to the high drag of a magneto. Timing is locked at 30 degrees BTDC.
  29. Pump: Two "Jerry Greer's" replica aluminum pumps, with Bob Starks special high volume gear sets. I will use Amsoil 15W-50 air-cooled motorcycle racing oil. I have two in-line oil filters, and all Earl's hoses, and fittings.
  30. Sump/Breather: I custom made a sump/breather system that is re-circulating. It uses (2) "Krank-Vent" modules, and the motors stay very clean. It works!
  31. Transmission: Baker 5-Speed (Harley-Davidson Evo style) using Andrews "Straight-Cut" close ratio drag racing gears. (The best!)
  32. Clutch: Primo-Rivera "Brute 3" dry Kevlar clutch that is very light, and spinning 50% faster than normal to take stress off the belts.
  33. Primary: Belt drive system of my own design using parts donated by Primo-Rivera (good people!). Aluminum primary covers for safety (also fabbed by Matt Blake on my design).
  34. Electric Start: Tech-Cycle billet mount using a high torque starter. Great setup, and it cranks over very fast!
  35. Other Special Stuff: Dual AFR (air-fuel ratio) "Black Box" data logger for precise tuning. NOS (Nitrous-Oxide) system for more power in the Bonneville "Fuel" classes.


Overall Impression: This bike is smaller than it looks, and fits a 6' tall person like myself well. The straight-line handling is perfect! It is streched out, so it gets hard on the wrists after about 25 miles. I made it street-legal, so I can do testing, and break-in miles on the back roads, and interstate near me. It is even insured by Geico! It is extremely powerful. I measured the crank power on my dyno at 197 HP, and 196 ft./lb. of torque on one test run. I saw one run at Bonneville on my dyno register 250 crank HP when I hit the NOS button. This is with my weakest cams in the bike, and my jetting not yet perfected. It will be a bit stronger when I'm finished. It is actually ridable on twisty roads, but just barely. Our first time at Bonneville yielded just 4 runs, and each was a "qualifying run" (faster than a record), which was backed-up for a record on the next run. Our best run was 153.3 MPH, and that was with very conservative jetting, and setup. The gearing was too low as well. Next year we should be in the 160's for some new records.