James R. Mosher Estate

In Santa Fe, N.M.

A View of the Front Yard

A View Of the Front Drive-Up

November 10th, 2000

A View from my 2nd Floor Patio.

My Office (The Bunker).

It is on the ground floor, and somewhat underground.

The Fireplace, with the Kitchen behind.

The Formal Dining Room, with Kitchen behind.

Chickens and Wild Bird Pens.

East Half of My Shop

My Fully Restored "Car Barn"

This building was originally built to raise parrots in. It was in a terrible state of disrepair, and needed "everything". I added the space to the right side. It has 1,000 sq. feet inside, and an additional 500 sq. feet in the side addition.

My Yard Art

1923 Ford Model "T"

James R. Mosher