Take a ride with me, and my pups!

My new pup "Scout"!

Born Jan. 9,2004, she is very small, and has a great personality

"Scout" just after her 2nd birhday

Here's Scout "Roughin' It"-02/22/2006

"Scout" just after her 4th birthday

Here's Scout, "Sunning"

The following pics are of Sweet Pea, Cowboy, and their puppies.

Sweet Pea When She Was Pregnant!

She Had Her Puppies On 01/30/2001.

Our New Pups!!

3-Females, and 1-Male (The Black One).

They were born 01/30/2001.

Just One Week Old.

Three Females on the Left, and a Male "Tri-Color" on the Right.

New Pups at 5 Weeks of Age.

Mom and Her 3 Pups, 04/20/2001.

A Very Perky Female."SOLD!"

A Very Tiny Female, That loves to Scrap!

Sweet Pea & Her 4 Pups-1 Month Old

This litter was born on February 9, 2000.

"Isabella at 1 year, 4 months age".

"Lucky" (on the left) Our first Pup, a good dog!

Sweet Pea and Her 2nd Litter-07/1999

Reynard "The Fox"-Male @ 1 Month

Four Happy Pups (2 Male-2 Female)

Sweet Pea and Cowboy

"Mom & Pop"!

Not Mine, but a Very Cute Pup! (Female)

James R. Mosher