What's New in my life!

My Latest Project Bike. An Indian Scout/Triumph "Bobber".

It has a 1940 Indian Scout "Stroker motor, and various 50' & 60's Triumph chassis, four speed tranny & primary drive, hubs & brakes. It is now at 955 cc's, and weighs only 330 lbs.!!

These first 3 pics show the bike without a front fender. I might use the bike this way sometimes.

These 4 pics show the bike with a front fender, and all the cables. I made 1960's style brackets!

My 1998 Buell "White Lightning".

1998 Buell "White Lightning".

I just made a good deal for this "Buell" from a freind of mine, and it really rips! The "White Lightning" has 100 horse power (rather than the 90 HP of the others). He added the factory race kit (which makes 110 HP). It includes a stainless race pipe, a jet kit, hard (rearset) pegs and controls, a high output ignition with race curve, and K&N filter with adapters. The Swing Arm has been upgrsded to the "Alloy" unit from 1999, and it has the Showa "Race" rear suspension. It has new 207 race rubber, a 100 watt Halogen Lamp, upgraded seat, and a few other good mods. It has a second full set of bodywork in Black (the stock Pearl White body work is wrapped up in storage). This bike is really quick, and is a thrill to ride. I think that I may gear it taller. It doesn't need to accelerate quite so quickly.

Our New Pups! Born 01/30/2001.

3-Females, and 1-Male (the black one).

NEWS FLASH-My New Shop is done!

The Main Room is 1,000 sq. feet, and the added on section is 500 sq. feet.

Nice big door, and a new addition on the right!

Lot's of Room!

My Barn during heavy construction. It was originally built to raise parrots in, and over the years, it was collapsing. We took it apart and rebuilt it in sections.

The framing is complete, and the road work is being done. I have removed earth from the north side to build a lean-to roof over it for storage of my glider trailer and Model "T". It will be 50' by 10', an extra 500sq. ft.!

I am reclaiming all of my land at my drive in entrance. I used to share it with a neighbor. Now we both have our own drives, and I am going to build a 250 foot long fence that will be 8 feet tall. I will be installing an electric gate for extra security.

I have finally finished my new fence!! I used 31 9' long railroad ties (set 3' in the ground). It is 275 feet long, and 8' tall. The "rent house" next door has become a real "eyesore", so this fence cured that. I may cut it down to 7' or 6 1/2', and it will still cut out the ugly view next door.

James R. Mosher