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My little "Bobber". A hybrid using a 1940 Indian Scout "Stroker" motor, and various Triumph chassis, and drivetrain parts.

The "Super Chief". A 1933 Indian Chief Custom Hot Rod.

My First Bike!! A '57 Ariel Square Four.

I chopped it, but all of the parts went to another restoration (I did not cut the frame!).

1974 Kawasaki Z1-900.

I hopped up this bike with a full race Stage3 Denco 1230cc motor. I've been 186MPH on this bike!!

1980 Kawasaki KZ1300 "6 Cylinder".

Found at a car swap meet. It has 130 HP, and is very smooth and fast. It is extremely clean, and I also have a parts bike for it.

My First 1947 Indian Chief.

I built this bike in 1988, and it has been a delightful ride. It has won many best of shows, and runs like new.It has 80" S&S wheels, and full Bonneville cams.

This is my 2nd 1947 Indian Chief.

I sold it at auction. It still has never been started!

This is my 3rd 1947 Indian Chief.

I built up this bike from parts from other '47 Chiefs. It has 80" wheels, '53 Rods, and Shunk Cams. It has not yet been started.

This is my first 1951 Vincent Rapide.

It came from Cambodia with very low miles. I sold it at Auction.

This is my 2nd 1951 Vincent Rapide.

I did a 1200 big bore kit with High Comp Pistons (10.5), and Black Lightening Racing Cams, Racing Crank, and Akront Rims. It is hard to kick, but is well worth the effort once started!! A real "Stump Puller).

This is my 1951 Mustang Pony.

I traded some left over Indian parts for this scooter! It is all original, and runs well. It has 3 speeds, and will go 70MPH.

This is my 1958 Ariel Square Four.

I found this bike in Pittsburg, Pa. with low miles, and original title and books in the tool box. It is 100% intact, and has never been apart. I will fully restore it soon.

This is my "Modified" 1975 Norton 850 Mark3 Commando.

I "Cafed" it from a completely stock bike. I have all of the original Parts in storage for possible conversion back to stock. It handles very well, and is a joy to ride!

This is my 1971 Husqavarna 400 4-speed Moto-Crosser.

I've had this bike since 1973. You can not hurt this bike (but it can hurt you!). It runs strong, and I ride it often.

This is my 1979 Yamaha "TT500" based Desert Racer.

It was built, and raced by Ron Cowles in '80 for West Coast Desert racing. It has a successful history. It is loaded with very high tech goodies, and is absolutely scary.

This is my 1985 BMW K100RS.

I bought this bike new. It has been slightly hopped up, and has Bags, a Pipe, Radar Detector, and Cams. It goes 155MPH easily, and is very reliable. It is my long distance tourer.

This is my 1992 Ducati 900SS-SP.

It has the Stage2 Jet Kit, Race Chain, D&D Pipes, 39 Tooth Sprocket, and "907's". It is a thrill to ride, and sounds like a big block 'Vette.

This is my 1998 Buell "White Lightning".

It has the Factory Race kit (110 HP), a second set of full body work (the original), and it is really quick!! Bonus-Harley Davidson guys hate it!!

Mess with my bikes, and this guy will Eat you!!

James R. Mosher