A List of My Bikes-Past & Present

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1933 Indian "Super Chief";    (My Latest, a '33 Indian 80" Hot Rod Custom.)
1940 Indian Scout    (This is a 57" Stroker in a 1953 Triumph 500 Hard Tail Frame, with 4-Speed Tranny.)
1947 Indian Chief    (My 1st Chief-I restored this bike from a bobber, and I ride it alot, 80" Bonneville.)
1947 Indian Chief    (My 2nd Chief-I sold it at auction for $24,000.00 in Las Vegas, Nevada-1998.)
1947 Indian Chief    (My 3rd Chief-I Have not yet started this bike, it has a hot 80" motor and new everything.)
1949 Indian "Brockhouse" Papoose    (1st Project Scooter, I will restore it soon, Similar photo.)
1949 Indian "Brockhouse" papoose    (2nd Project Scooter, I will restore it soon, Similar photo.)
1951 Mustang "Pony"    (I traded some used Indian parts for this complete and running scooter in 1996.)
1951 Vincent "Rapide"    (My 1st Vincent, It came from Cambodia w\3,200 original miles, sold at auction 1998.)
1952 Vincent "Rapide"    (My 2nd Vincent, I did a "Hot" 1200cc Big Bore motor, with alloy wheels and brackets.)
1953 DKW "Audi" 250    (An original, rare, and running East German 250 2-cycle commuter cycle I inherited.)
1956 BMW w\ Jawa Sidecar    (Original and well running R50-2 that I inherited.)
1957 Ariel "Chopper"    (My very 1st motorcycle, I chopped it from a basket in 1970.)
1958 Ariel "Square 4"    (I found this bike in perfect original form in Pa. in 1991.)
1971 Husqvarna 400cc Desert Racer    (I have owned this brutally fast bike since 1975.)
1971 Suzuki TS250 Enduro    (I bought this bike at auction in 1997 as a guest bike.)
1972 Suzuki 500 "Titan"    (I bought it new in '72, and highly modified the motor.)
1974 Kawasaki "Z1-900"    (I did a very hot full race motor and chassis, 186 MPH!)
1975 Norton 850 MkIII "Commando"    (I did a mild Cafe job to a very stock bike, FUN!)
1979 Yamaha Desert Racer    (This bike is completely hand built using a TT500 motor.)
1980 Kawasaki KZ1300 "6 Cyl."    (Very clean and original bike that is smooth, and fast.)
1980 Kawasaki KZ1300 "6 Cyl."    (Parts bike for my other KZ1300, title and 144 miles!)
1983 Kawasaki "Voyager 1300 6 Cyl."    (I chopped this "Mud Hog" into a Dirt Bike!)
1985 BMW K100RS     (I bought this bike new, and take my long trips on it, very reliable.)
1985 Honda 250 "Elite" Scooter    (I bought this very "Mod" scooter new, it's deluxe!)
1992 Ducati "900SS"    (Very fast, and exciting. Pipes, jet kit, sprocket, tires, etc.)
1998 Buell "White Lightning"    (A hopped up 110 HP Buell with lots of extras.)
James R. Mosher