Vincent Side Stand - $250.00.

I use a leg by Trail-Tech intended for modern dirt bikes that is forged aluminum, and then "Black Nitride" coated for extra toughness. I shorten it, and then drill inside the end to accept a nylon "Push-On" foot. The end user cuts the end of the leg (per my included instructions) for a perfect lean angle. All Vincents seem to sit different due to tire size, suspension setup, sag, etc., so it is important that the length be set for the specific bike. I have a casting made of 4140 "Chrome Steel" based on my original proto-type, that has a positive stop at both ends of operation. A special spring, and shouldered allen bolt is included. The new mount is placed over the end of the swing arm bolt, and the lower rear peg mount bolt. I include stainless washers to put behind my bracket to space it away from the finish of your rear peg plate. The whole thing fits, and works nicely. It sure makes it easy to lift it up on the rear stand. It is much easier to use than the original fronts, and it is placed in a better place to support the weight of the bike in a manor that doesn't unload, and lift the front forks all the way up, causing the bike to fall over. It's light weight, and it works great!

The side stand is in the down position.

The side stand is in the up position.

A full view of the bike on the side stand.


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