Krank-Vent Breather Kits For Indians


Krank-Vent Breathers ( ) have long been recognized as the standard for high performance one-way breather check valves. They offer high flow, and quick one-way valve action. They help maintain a strong crank-case vacuum, which increases horsepower by the motor not needing to compress 74-80 inches of air every time the pistons head downward. An increase in torque, and HP are usually noticed. They help pin the rings against their ring lands, which increases engine vacuum, and results in a smoother idle. Engine vacuum also helps to drastically reduce engine oil "weeping". This kit reverses the direction of the air flow. Instead of routing the breather tube downward, where the oil mist will ultimatly leave the breather tube. The Krank-Vent Kit routes the air upward through a large tube plenum that slows the air velocity, and allows any oil mist to collect, and return down to the motor. The sound of the air exiting the breather can be heard at slow speeds. You'll know that it is working. It has a soft hollow knocking sound, like a "Knocking Rod". I like hearing the sound, but for those that don't, a 1/2" tube can be routed upward, and back under the tanks, then down the seat post tube to the ground.

Using the Krank-Vent Kit will result in a cleaner bike. Most indians will weep oil from various places like the valve covers, distributor base, and cylinder bases. When there is a vacuum inside the crank-case area, suction is trying to bring in air from the outside, and the oil "weeping" drastically slows. This Breather kit routes the air upward, and captures any suspended oil mist within the rubber tube, which will return back to the motor. This stops the oil slick all over the rear tire, frame, chain guard, etc. A little high quality chain-lube can now be used on the chain like usual. The breather kit has a new bronze casting, a short piece of Tygon 1/2" ID tube, and an air filter on top of the Krank-Vent. Ty-Wrap the unit to the frame down tube under the oil tank.

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James R. Mosher